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How should a change of holder be performed?

Updated 6 Apr, 2020

Appendix 7 of the Registry-Registrar Agreement entails a detailed routine description of how a Change of Holder must be performed. 

It is particularly important to verify that the person requesting the change actually is the registrant. 

The registrar must have appropriate procedures to check a person’s identity and signature, for example, by checking with the UC credit information agency or the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Make sure to save the information so that you can account for the action you have taken and make corrections if any errors occur. If a control panel is used, the change request must be connected to the login or other authentification process. 

A change of holder will be stopped if a domain name is subject to an ADR/UDRP process and if The Swedish Internet Foundation is aware of an ongoing court process. 

Registry Services does not charge registrars for change of holders.