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How do we become a registrar?

Updated 4 Mar, 2021

Become a registrar

Registrars enter a registrar agreement with The Swedish Internet Foundation which entails that the registrar supplies services including the following for .se and/or .nu domains:

  • New registration of domain names
  • Renewal of domain names
  • Transfer from one registrant to another
  • Updating registrant information
  • Updating name servers
  • Cooperation during registrants' changes of registrar
  • Deregistration of domain names

The application fee is SEK 10,000. The registrar must pay an annual administration fee of SEK 10,000 per top-level domain. Registrars who manage both top-level domains .se and .nu pay a total of SEK 16,000 per year, thereby receiving a discount of SEK 4000. The maximum deduction from the annual fee is 100 percent, based on the registrar’s new registration volume in the preceding year, which will be credited to the invoice for the annual fee.

A sum of SEK 110 is deducted from the annual administration fee per newly registered domain. The total amount will be credited to the first invoice of the forthcoming year. The maximum amount that can be deducted is SEK 16,000 (for registrars who administer both top-level domains .se and .nu) or SEK 10,000 (for Registrars who administer one of the top-level domains .se or .nu).

The resale price for registrars, for both .se and .nu-domains, is SEK 9,17 for 1 month, corresponding to SEK 110 for new registrations and renewals for 12 months. The term for new registrations and renewals will be in contiguous 12 month periods (one year), for up to 120 months (10 years).

Application to become a registrar

The first step is that the company wishing to become a registrar sends in an application, which is assessed on the basis of finances and suitability. To apply, fill in the application form under "Become registrar". The form includes contact information and a number of questions that you should answer.

The Swedish Internet Foundation receives the application

The Swedish Internet Foundation will handle your application promptly and will inform you if anything is missing or if further information is required. The application will be assessed on the basis of finances and suitability and will be either approved or rejected.

You will be informed of whether your application was approved, so that the process can be continued or not. You will get the answer within ten working days from receipt of the complete application. This ten-day period applies to Swedish companies, because a longer period of time is usually required to complete the financial assessment for foreign companies.

If the application is approved

If your application is approved, an e-mail will be sent to you containing important information that we ask you to read and confirm. Once we receive the confirmation, you will receive an email regarding payment of the application fee of 10 000 SEK excluding VAT. You will get further information about the payment in an email. Note that this is a fee that is not refundable if you do not complete the certification within 3 months.

The Swedish Internet Foundation will then send you instructions regarding how the functional test is carried out.

Once the test is completed, we require you to send in two copies of your signed registrar agreement and to pay the administrative fee. The Swedish Internet Foundation will send you the two copies of the registrar agreement for signature once you have passed the test. Once payment has been made and the agreement has been signed by both parties, you are an approved registrar of The Swedish Internet Foundation.

See also the section 'General requirements for registrars' below.

If the application is rejected

The Swedish Internet Foundation may reject your application if your company does not fulfill the financial and/or suitability requirements. If your application is rejected, The Swedish Internet Foundation will inform you as soon as possible.

If our application is rejected, when can we apply again?

You can apply not earlier than six months after The Swedish Internet Foundation informs you that your application has been rejected.

Requirements to become a registrar

Companies that are successful in the financial and suitability assessment will proceed to the next stage of the process, which entails that your company must obtain a passing grade in function testing related to the test systems of The Swedish Internet Foundation for EPP.

The functional test must be completed with passing grades not later than three months after the application is approved and The Swedish Internet Foundation has sent the company information regarding how the tests should be completed.

To become a registrar for The Swedish Internet Foundation, the following steps are required:

  • Approved registrar application
  • Passing grade on functional test for EPP
  • Registrar agreement signed by both parties

Functional test

The functional test is a mandatory part of the process of becoming a registrar. It is a technical test to ensure that the registrars' system and employees can correctly carry out registration services using EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) in relation to The Swedish Internet Foundation. The functional test includes the following subjects:

  • New registrations of domain names
  • Renewals of domain names
  • Updating contact information
  • Updating name servers
  • Change of registrant
  • Deregistrations of domain names

All registrar candidates must complete the functional test, regardless of any prior experience of EPP from other top domains. Information on how to apply for the functional test will be sent to you by e-mail once The Swedish Internet Foundation has processed and approved your application.

Please note that you must complete the functional test with a passing grade not later than three months after The Swedish Internet Foundation has sent you information regarding how to complete the test.

Test environment

An EPP test system is available for testing the EPP protocol, domains in the test environment ends with .test. The test system does not contain a test database - it is up to you to build your test database by making registrations.For questions about the test environment please contact us at