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What is a subregistrar and can I use one?

Updated 25 May, 2020

A Registrar agreement is entered into between The Swedish Internet Foundation and a registrar. Under this agreement, the registrar has the right to perform registration services under the top-level .se or .nu domain. If the registrar collaborates with a third party – a subregistrar – to acquire new customers or to perform other registration services, the registrar is completely responsible for the actions of said subregistrar.

A subregistrar is defined as the party that accepts assignments from the registrant on behalf of the registrar. An agreements is entered into between the registrar and the registrant. 

An excerpt from point 14.4 of the registrar agreement:

“The Registrar is entitled to appoint sub-registrars that are entitled, on behalf of the Registrar, to accept tasks relating to Registration Services from Domain Holders thatare then performed by the Registrar via the technical interface EPP and on the Registrar's own Registrar account. The Registrar is wholly responsible, in relation to The Swedish Internet Foundation, for the actions of sub registrars relating to Domain Names and Registration Services.”