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Where can I find information about UDRP - dispute resolution for .nu-domains?

Updated 16 May, 2020

In paragraph 10.3 of the Registrar Agreement, the registrar undertakes to with regard to disputes between a Domain Holder and third party regarding a Domain Name, apply applicable Domain Name dispute resolution policy provided by The Swedish Internet Foundation from time to time.”

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) is a policy prepared by ICANN for handling domain name disputes and this was applied for disputes regarding .nu domain names before Internetstiftelsen (The Swedish Internet Foundation)  took over operation and administration of the .nu top domain. As The Swedish Internet Foundation took over the top-level domain .nu it was decided to stay with the UDRP model since it comprises an established model for dispute resolutions, and also avoiding implementing major changes regarding the workings of the .nu top-level domain.

For more information about UDRP, please see http://www.icann.org/en/help/dndr/udrp and at The Swedish Internet Foundations webiste https://internetstiftelsen.se/en/dispute-resolution/dispute-resolution-for-nu/ .

The dispute resolution process under UDRP
A party who believes that he or she is entitled to a domain name may appeal the allocation of the domain name retroactively by turning to an organisation approved by ICANN for processing cases under UDRP. Please find this list of such organisations on ICANNs website List of Approved Dispute-Resolution Service Providers.

The processing of dispute-resolution cases under UDRP is conducted by an ICANN-approved dispute-resolution organisation and by the domain-name holder's registrar. Accordingly, you must as a registrar implement and monitor parts of the process for such dispute resolution cases. Internetstiftelsen is not involved in the administration or processing of such cases. Dispute resolution in accordance with UDRP complies with the procedural rules prepared by ICANN - more information to be found on ICANNs website http://www.icann.org/en/help/dndr/udrp/rules

As a registrar, you must be acquainted with both UDRP and the procedural rules that may apply in dispute resolution cases pertaining to .nu domain names. Below is an outline of the undertakings made by registrars according to the UDRP and UDRP procedural rules. Note that the dispute-resolution organisation handling the case may have specific rules for processing cases, with which a registrar must be familiar. Such specific rules are not addressed here.

Registrar's commitment under UDRP, and UDRP procedural rules Processing
- A registrar will be notified when a dispute-resolution case has been initiated concerning a domain name whose domain holder is a customer of the registrar.
- A domain name that is the object of a dispute resolution shall not be transferred or moved between registrars while the case is still ongoing, and then up until 15 workdays following the conclusion of the case (UDRP, paragraph 8). As a registrar, you must monitor that any such actions are not taken during this period.
- A registrar must also implement the decision made in the dispute-resolution case (meaning, either de-register or transfer the domain name) within the time frame stated in UDRP, paragraph 4k, and inform the party concerned when the implementation of the decision will occur (UDRP procedural rules, paragraph 16).

UDRP contains rules concerning the transfer of domain names or the change of registrars for domain names that are subject to processes in a court or an arbitration tribunal and about which you as registrar must be aware (refer to UDRP paragraph 8).                      

UDRP, paragraph 4h, states that a registrar cannot be held responsible for decisions made in a dispute-resolution case.

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