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Does Registry Services offer any API?

Updated 4 Aug, 2020

Registry Services offers a REST API that complements the Registry Web in some cases. The REST API is in no way intended to be a replacement for the EPP.

You need an API client to be able to use the API and you create it by logging in to the registrar web. When you create an API client, a "secret" appears only once. You need it to be able to authenticate yourself against the API, so save it securely. 1-4 IP addresses must also be specified when creating the API client.

What can be done via the REST API includes:

  • Download a list of your own domains and filter out domains in that list, such as search for expired domains or domains that expire within x number of days
  • Download a list of domains that will soon be released
  • Get an invoice specification for a particular invoice

You can find a complete documentation of the API on the following page: