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How do you perform a change of registrar?

Updated 15 Apr, 2020

A registrant must be able to change registrars (also known as a registrar transfer) at anytime. The following is a detailed description of this procedure:

  • The registrant turns to the current registrar to obtain a password (authorization code). The current registrar verifies that it is the registrant that is requesting the authorization code and then generates the code, which is given to the registrant.
  • The registrant turns to the new registrar and submits the authorization code according to the new registrar’s routines.
  •  The new registrar initiates the change of registrar with Registry Services via  EPP protocol (transfer request).
  •  The transfer is completed. Registry Services confirms through (various) EPP messages* to the new and the former registrar. (*More details can be found under the Tech section, or inte the EPP documentation.)
  •  The new registrar confirms the change to the registrant.