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What is the procedure for deregistration?

Updated 16 Apr, 2020

A registrar shall only perform a deregistering of a domain name if the registrar has received a request from the registrant to deregister his/her/their domain name. 

Deregistration is performed via EPP,  more information is found in the EPP documentation under Downloads.

When the clientDelete parameter has been set to “1” the domain name will be deactivated for 60 days. During these 60 days (i.e., the deactivation period) the registrant can regret the deregistration and a restoration is possible.

The routine description, which is an appendix of the Registry-Registrar Agreement, describes how a deregistration must be performed. 

It is particularly important to ensure that the person requesting the deregistration is the true registrant. The registrar must therefore have accurate routines for verifying the person’s identity.  In the event that a control panel is used, the deregistration request is normally associated with a login or other authentication procedure.